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The Way of the Quiet Warrior

Meet the Team

Josh Menning

Josh Menning is the Award-winning Director and Founder of Menning Films. His latest project with Tom A. Dutta Found and CEO of KRE-AT® in Canada names The Way of the Quiet Warrior® is in production shaping up to be an epic film based on a Best-selling book and true events.

Filming to begin in 2022.

His body of work has international acclaim including Gretchen’s Lock, Unwavering his first worldwide distributed film and winner of multiple awards. In 2016 he released Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin, a documentary focusing on the heroin epidemic. In 2019 the psychological thriller Beast of our Fathers was released. His most recent release Song of the Tree Frogs based on the title novel won Best Feature, Best Trailer, Most Inspirational Film, Best Actor and Actress at the 2020 Christian Film Festival.

Tom Dutta

Award Winning Director and Founder of Menning Films announces the appointment of Tom A. Dutta as Producer with the Way of the Quiet Warrior film project. Filming to begin in 2022 or sooner in Canada and USA.

The Film is based on the book The Way of the Quiet Warrior and True events.

Tom Dutta is an award-winning CEO, #1 International Best-Selling author, TEDx speaker and Radio/Film Producer. He hosts two podcasts, The Way of the Quiet Warrior Show and the new Heavy Mental Health Show, riffing with Tom Dutta. He has help leading roles in North American Companies across 5 business sectors. He is recipient of William Shatners MOVING AMERICA FORWARD award for his work in transforming people.

Tom believes real change starts at the top. He is dedicated to changing our view of mental health in the workplace by breaking the silence, telling his story of struggle, and being a leader by example. He is an advocate for anti-bullying and lives his Faith.

John Smith

John Smith aka J.W. Kitson is an educator with over 30 years experience teaching students from kindergarten through college. John is also an award-winning author and has received much accreditation for his novel, Song of the Tree Frogs. He’s also an award-winning producer and has been involved with many film productions, screenwriting, acting and behind the scenes duties as crew. John is essential in that he helps production stay on course with the story so that it is best played our on screen. John has been my right hand man from the start with almost all of my productions and im looking forward to working with him on TWOTQW. Welcome aboard, John!
– Josh Menning Award Winning Director
Menning Films

Todd Maki

For every great film is an incredible musical score. Todd Maki is an award-winning composer whose passion is to take an intellectual concept or idea and find the musical, emotional equivalent that enhances what it is. His work has been featured internationally on syndicated television networks (including The Travel Channel International), and nominated for awards. He has ongoing working relationships with Jim Daneker (composer, keyboardist for Michael W. Smith) and has worked with Jordana Spiro (Dexter, My Boys), and Sergio Meyers (LA Love Story, Becoming Pony Boi). We are very excited for Todd to write an original musical score piece together all the music for the film. Congratulations, Todd!

Eddie Anders

Film and music easily go hand in hand as a wonderful pair and it’s easy for a film to fall flat without great music. On that note, we are excited to have session and touring musician and vocalist Eddie Anders on board. Eddie has been on an amazing journey and has performed on stage and in the studio with artists like EmmyLou Harrie, Dolly Parton, Steve Lukather, The Gaither Vocal Band, Albert Lee, Phil Keaggy, Percy Sledge, Mylon Lefevre, Johnny Rivers, 4Him, James Burton, Amy Grant, Craig Morgan, The Speers, Bill Champlin, Sam Bush, Dann Huff, Lenny LeBlanc, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Vince Gill, and countless others. Eddie has an incredible story and ministry of his own and is currently working on a title track for the film. Welcome aboard Eddie. We’re glad you can be a part of this film!
– Josh Menning, Award Winning Director
Menning Films

Brittany Bexton

Brittany Bexton was placed in our paths for a reason. Brittany was involved with professional theater for years before moving to Nashville in 2011 to become a full time touring and recording artist. What makes Brittany’s performances compelling isn’t her technique, but the passion and life she brings to the stage. Her intuitive heart for music and the way she connects to the story and passion of a song is captivating. Brittany believes that music and writing have a greater purpose to bring joy, laughter, connection and hope. With her musical talent and acting abilities, we are excited to have Brittany on board as a part of the production. Congratulations to Brittany!
– Josh Menning Award Winning Director
Menning Films

Noel Bentley

Dealing with tough issues can be heavy on the heart. The Way of the Quiet Warrior meets these situation head on. A way of lightening the mood or shifting our approach to these issues is by finding humour and lightness even in the dark moments. To successfully add this reflection of the absurdity of life we are thrilled to announce that we are adding Noel Bentley as a Creative Consultant and Humor Coach. With Noel’s background as a TEDx and Stroytelling coach he will greatly aid in finessing the script to achieve the desired tone of the story. Congratulations Noel and welcome to the Team.
– Josh Menning, Award Winning Director

Anna Dutta

With Anna Dutta’s involvement in the story and film, we’d love to have her as a Co-Producer for The Way of the Quiet Warrior. She’ll be an incredible asset for authenticity and with her experience she will be great to have on board as she will add tremendous value to the production. This above-the-line position will assist other producers and work jointly to make high-level decisions for the film. Congratulations to Anna!
– Josh Menning Award Winning Director
Menning Films

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Menning Films is proud to announce a film based on the book, The Way of the Quiet Warrior, published by #1 International Best Selling Author, Tom Dutta. More information to come soon!

About the Book

You are a leader, a success in your chosen field. You have the position and the money and the things that you always believed would make you happy. And yet…there’s something missing, isn’t there? Maybe it’s a half-buried sense that there should be something else, something more, that you need in your life. Maybe it’s a lingering feeling that the way you are doing things isn’t optimum and there’s something still holding you back. Maybe it’s your own feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the shape your life has taken

These feelings are common. So common, in fact, that many people believe that this is simply what being an adult means but that’s not true. There is a deeper satisfaction in life, there is true understanding and there is a way to unlock your true purpose.

In the vein of Patrick Lencioni’s “business fables,” this book is an exciting hybrid of fiction and factual steps designed to start you on a journey towards that greater purpose—if you are willing to take the first step. The Way of the Quiet Warrior™ is an experience unlike any other. Are you ready for your adventure to begin?

Learn more and get the book HERE

About the Author

Tom Dutta helps people achieve high success and happiness through the power of their stories. He is the award winning CEO of KRE-AT®, a speaker, and a #1 International bestselling author. Tom has worked as a CEO of Canada’s most prestigious companies and has served on many industry boards. KRE-AT® is a Leadership Development Firm focusing on growth-oriented entrepreneurs and professionals.

How Leaders Can Lift the Stigma of Mental Health | Tom Dutta | TEDxBearCreekPark