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The Way of the Quiet Warrior

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Menning Films is proud to announce a film based on the book, The Way of the Quiet Warrior, published by #1 International Best Selling Author, Tom Dutta. More information to come soon!

About the Book

You are a leader, a success in your chosen field. You have the position and the money and the things that you always believed would make you happy. And yet…there’s something missing, isn’t there? Maybe it’s a half-buried sense that there should be something else, something more, that you need in your life. Maybe it’s a lingering feeling that the way you are doing things isn’t optimum and there’s something still holding you back. Maybe it’s your own feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with the shape your life has taken

These feelings are common. So common, in fact, that many people believe that this is simply what being an adult means but that’s not true. There is a deeper satisfaction in life, there is true understanding and there is a way to unlock your true purpose.

In the vein of Patrick Lencioni’s “business fables,” this book is an exciting hybrid of fiction and factual steps designed to start you on a journey towards that greater purpose—if you are willing to take the first step. The Way of the Quiet Warrior™ is an experience unlike any other. Are you ready for your adventure to begin?

Learn more and get the book HERE

About the Author

Tom Dutta helps people achieve high success and happiness through the power of their stories. He is the award winning CEO of KRE-AT®, a speaker, and a #1 International bestselling author. Tom has worked as a CEO of Canada’s most prestigious companies and has served on many industry boards. KRE-AT® is a Leadership Development Firm focusing on growth-oriented entrepreneurs and professionals.

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